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Have you ever felt like the hairstyle you have is not the right one for you?

It doesn’t come close to expressing who you really are?

Yep! We’ve got you. Here at Beautiful Braids Studio, we have a passion to empower you to embrace your identity, embrace your hair, and embrace your being. Your hair expression matters to us because you matter to us! We like to think of ourselves as the place you and your hair get therapy! Come and be renewed, rejuvenated, and refreshed in your hair and your self-care. BBS is more than just about your hair experience, but we are committed to giving every client the most excellent and relaxed experience with themselves! There’s no more struggling to find that ‘right’ look for you anymore. Be at peace and watch your hair fantasy become a reality!

Everyone Deserves To Find Their Style!

Here at Beautiful Braids Studio, we love to encourage self-expression in women, men, and children! So many hair textures and beautiful hairstyles of expression!

The Therapy Your Hair’s Been Looking For!

As a place of both beauty and education we take pride in not only making our clients and customers feel beautiful, but we teach you how to keep your style! Our focus is on these three elements:


Hair Beauty

Hair Therapy

Hair Education


Our Hair therapy sessions and our educational tutorials are created to teach you how to get the style you want and how to keep it up at home. Not only that, but we love to give our clients and customers tips and tools so that they can have their own hair discovery!

We’re the therapy your hair has been looking for!

Now it’s time to stop struggling and striving with a style that’s not your own! It’s time to be at peace with your authentic self and your authentic style.


Embrace your identity. Embrace your hair. Embrace your being!

2022-05-07 Kiona Schultz Beautiful Braids 1266.jpg

Meet Kiona Shultz

The Hair Therapist

Hello, Beauties!

Welcome to the Beautiful Braids Studio! I am so excited that you decided to peek at what we can offer you and your hair! As you know, I am Kiona, and you can call me your Hair Therapist. When choosing the right hairstylists for you, there needs to be trust developed, after all, you can’t just let anyone mess with your crown, it’s sacred. So, here’s a little bit of my story!

Since I was 5 years old, I was blessed with amazing teachers who took the time to educate me in hair braiding, natural hair styling, and hair extensions installation. My love for the art of hair blossomed.

At the age of 39, I returned to school to obtain my certification in Cosmetology. I did this to not only gain more skills and knowledge about hair and beauty but also to develop the ability to pass down the learning bestowed on me. Hair and beauty go beyond just the present gratification of a client’s experience, but I know what I do with someone’s hair can change their life! I live by this confidence, I know who I am, I know my talents, and I know my character. I am a part of the solution to empowering others and helping them walk in their authentic self! My passion is to empower others to embrace their identity, hair, and being.

In my professional experience, I have over 35 years of perfecting my skills in the art of hair. As a licensed and certified cosmetologist, I have experience in hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring, and administering chemical hair services.

I have always been one to plan and achieve success. For over 20 years, I’ve held an Associates Degree in Human Services which has blessed me with skills in empowerment, training, motivation coaching and so much more! As you can probably tell, I love challenging myself through endurance, determination, and perseverance.

Considering all of the above, it has also given me insight into the needs of people. This is one of the reasons why Beautiful Braids Studio is more than a place to go get your hair done but to receive educational tutorials for self-love and self-care. We all need to feel and look beautiful!

Fun Fact about me, my positive energy that has enabled me to do all these things only comes from my faith in God as well as the love and support of my family! My five beautiful children and an amazing husband give me the drive to succeed! In addition, I have always received an abundance of joy in serving my community and building a career in non-profit organizations. As you can probably guess by now, I love helping people. I want everyone to take their vision of themselves and express it exactly the way they want to, in love, peace, and authenticity!

Beautiful Braids Studio is where I help bring your hair fantasy into reality!

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